Convenient and Safe Zoom Notary Public available now. Also-New "Contact-less" Service of Process" during Covid crisis. Proof That All Process Servers Are Not Alike.  Your #1 Advantage - We do much more than just serve papers.. ! . Covid Process Serving Rates Starting as Low as $105.00!..#1 Advantage - We do much more than just serve papers... *Covid 19 Update: We are fully committed to the health & safety of all of our clients. While ensuring minimal disruption to our services we offer our all clients quality & flexibility during this challenging time. We are utilizing video-conderencing and zoom meetings. Our staff can assist you in setting up a video-conference if necessary. We have secure options for you to receive and send us your confidential documents. New "Touch-less" Service of Process ™ instituted. Safety and ensuring the continuance of justice is our main priority
Safety is our #1 priorityProcess Serving Rates for all Chappaqua , NY Town residents starting as low as $105.00...Wow ! We are open and doing business during the Covid crisis-We answer the call of duty with our new unique "contact-less" service of process. Have peace of mind sending us your important docs. #1 Advantage - We do ALOT more than just serve papers.  Seemless Service of Process during Covid-19 Crisis ----Call today @ 917-597-0994 for  updates -New Covid 19 "Contact-Less" ™ services are now available. New "contact-less" Service of Process during Covid #19 Crisis.  Look - Westchester Magazine Votes us #1 Best Process Serving Co. in Westchester County, NY years 2018-2020 in a row !  We are here for you !  WJS is fully committed to the safety & well being of our clients, our employees, and our community while ensuring minimal disruption to the services we deliver to our clients during these unprecendented times.  Call today to learn more about our unique and totally safe, "contact-less" services. ™ .  Call today 917-597-0994. Safety is our No. #1 priority while still furthering justice. #1 Chappaqua , NY Process Server in Westchester County & New York State. Voted #1 since 2018.  NEW ! Zoom Notary-Public service available every day M-F thru weekends during the summer months.     

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9th Judicial District Court.  Unified Court System overseeing all of Westchester, Dutchess, Orange, Putnam, Rockland Counties of the great State of New York .




*UPDATE: Covid-19 Virus Information: At Westchester Judicial Services, Ltd, our network planning and operations teams are experienced with adapting with changing conditions and have developed contingency plans to address potential sources of disruption in our delivery methods. We are currently open and continue to provide consistent service and legal support in Westchester County, Hudson Valley , New York City and Fairfield, CT Counties. We are hunkering down, but still answer the call of duty, planning for the unknown by offering uninterupted service as we navigate the profound challenges that the Covid-19 virus presents. Things are changing rapidly, but we are here for you! Inquire about our newly implemented COVID-19 Service of Process methods utilizing our unique "contactless" Service of Process proprietary techniques, keeping both agent and recipients of process safe at all times. We will be closely monitering the situation as it develops. We will remain vigilant and safe outfitting our Westchester service agents with top-of-the-line PPE during all service of process and court/clerk visits. Did you know? Notary Public agents are now entitled under NY State Law to witness signatures via live video ZOOM conferencing.

Recent Testimonial: "Gentlemen, thank-you again for accomplishing the serve. We appreciated not only receiving a very fair price from you, but the service was handled with clear competency and skill. I was very impressed with your creative approach to justice during this Covid-19 crisis by serving the Defendant with your "touchless" service.  I will call you again when a need arises in your neck of the woods."- 09/30/2020 comment to us by Attorney from The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, with over 25 years of judicial experience. 

Our business model isn't just the one thing that we do, it's the everything that we do! Select from our wide menu of services. Learn more about your rights and how we can help! 

And, we do much more than just serve Juris papers. We are part of the Westchester County Unified Court System and offer a full range of dynamic legal support functions to assist the public. We build a culture around highly competent and ethical service. Whether you are a Lawyer, Pro-se Litigant, Paralegal or work in the field of Law Enforcement, Insurance or Recovery, we work to optimize your customer experience by offering you the highest-rated level of satisfaction and advanced value.

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So What Do We Do? Since firmly establishing ourselves in Westchester County in 2008, our expertly trained Pro Staff & trusted Westchester County partnership's offer:

1. Advanced private Process Serving: Serving Summons & Petitions, Restraining Orders, Citations, Modifications, Subpoenas of all kinds, Writs, Landlord/Tenant matters and much more: 

What are you paying for exactly? Since or U.S. Consitution requires that no person be deprived of life, liberty or property without proper "due process of law", our judicial system relies upon process servers to ensure due process rights of a defendant are protected. This is done by properly notifying an individual of notice of legal proceedings being filed against them.  That is why improperly served papers and/or improperly drafted affidavits containing errors or omissions, those created by inexperienced or unethical process server's, or those who just may not have received adequate training, can only delay or hinder your case.  In law, chaos would result if the legal community could not completely depend/rely upon the truthfulness and correctness of the declaration of the service of process by the Process Server. An indespensable element of the due process of law, The Process Server officially establishes jurisdiction over the defendant allowing a case to move forward. Therefore, making the wrong hiring decision adds unnecessary risk that your case could be delayed or even having your case thrown out of court completely. THAT is why "the right relationship is everything", and careful vetting on your part is of extreme importance. The essential reason why one should not simply rely on a lowest quoted price. 

Call us and find out why we come so highly recommended. The consultation is free. The advice is price-less.   

We know that there can at times be budgetary constraints, but teaming up with the right company will only help save you time and money in-the-end, often times avoiding many of the common pitfalls of those who wish to improperly attempt to take matters into their own hands by asking friends or family, or even law enforcement to help them serve someone. It should be noted that serving process is not just a simple matter of knocking on a door and handing someone papers, as one might assume. It is an innovative process and an art.  It often times involves a well thought-out methodical plan relying on skill, creativity, expertise and the element of surprise.  We honor our solemn oath and deliver each & every document in a professional, skillful manner consistent with specific, complex, applicable state laws, or particular Judge's directive, policy or court order rendered. We examine each case that litigants bring into the justice system and respond with an innovative approach in our order to assist you.  Our competent seasoned special agents will guide you through the complex myriad of potential issues, and then at your direction serve the defendant in their home, place of business, courthouse, board room, hotel/motel, movie-set, hospital, or prison cell. Our model is not one thing we do, it's everything we do.  

Finally, we prepare a customized notary-public executed, court-compliant, error-free Affidavit-of-Service document (aka "AOS") documenting the event. (Did you know?  'Affidavit' is Latin for "He who has sworn") Note: This is the work product of the Process Server and must be beyond reproach. THIS IS WHAT YOU ARE PAYING FOR.

We will also file the originals for you with the County Clerk.  Note: Multiple serve attempts are never an extra cost to you, unless otherwise noted.

Who & How? We can locate even the most elusive of all defendants. Using our proprietary state-of-the-art, advanced discovery software, paired with our resourceful investigative search techniques, plus good ol' fashioned street smarts, our creative team should be able to locate almost anyone-anywhere.

2. Special Investigations: Insurance Fraud and Cheating Spouses /Deadbeat Dads. (Related to and/or for all infidelity matters, including all surveillance and photography, time and travel) All insurance company claims and falsifications. 

3. Nationwide Asset Recovery: Including most Small Airplane and Boat Models. See below.

4. Surety Bond Exoneration Assistance. Have surety funds returned promptly following conclusion of case.

5. Constable Court Functions: Fully Empowered Service of Process. Summons & Subpoenas. Restraining Orders. Orders of Protection. Citations. Writ of Possession. Evictions. 3-Day Notice. Private Security.

6. Mobile Fingerprinting & Mobile Notary. Our Licensed Notaries and Fingerprinting agents come to you! We discretely come to your home, office, place of business, hotel, hospital, even prison cell or movie set confirming signatures on all docs and/or loan closings. Quick, easy, & affordable. You choose the time and date. Fingerprinting includes all FINRA cards. We stock all cards. Ex NYPD technician gentleman w/30 years on the force will visit you professionally at your chosen Westchester County location. Up & Down County. Same-Day Services Available. Quick, 1,2,3- neat and clean as a whistle. No need to be forced to visit an intimidating local police precinct whose main function is law enforcement.  

7. Secretary of State & County Court Clerk Filing Functions. All Document Retrieval and Filings. Serve all U.S Corporations. Microfiche doc search, all probate matters, locating of missing heirs and missing kids, custodial interference and child-support assistance.

8. International Hague Process Service w/ all foreign language translations. Over 2000 satisfied previous customers. We prepare all treaty documents, translate and facilitate service. Recognized as valid service in the courts of all signatory countries, including all U.S. courts. Enforce international judgments.

9. Racial Sensitivity Classes offered in the workplace. Building cultures of dignity, respect, and tolerance within the workplace. Stay ahead of the curve by learning the telltale signs of discrimination with our training. We come to you. Elevate your 2018 compliance today.

10. High-Value Asset Recovery. Recover your high-value asset today. Our licensed pilots and recovery experts will plan a search and recovery mission to recover your precious asset.* Read below details.

11. Westchester, NY  Officiants & Wedding Ceremonies. are you ready to say "I Do"? Ordained Ministry. We perform thoughtful personal ceremonies that reflect your individual beliefs and lifestyle. 

12. *Aircraft and Premium Asset Repossession-Smooth Deployment              


  1. Financial Institutions and Commercial Banks-Support by Your Side.
  2. We go Big and Deep with our new ADVANCED EYESIGHT PROGRAM ™ in the peaceful recovery of your high net-worth assets including most private aircrafts, including Cessna 1-80, Bell 430, Cessna 206 and 286, Merlin, Gulf Stream, Hawker, Piper, King Air 200 and 350, Citation Mustang, MV2 Aerostar, among other
    light jets and glass cockpit airplanes. Recovering high value collateral requires an extremely high level of knowledge and expertise. When you, the creditor wishes to exercise your lien rights and recover the collateral you will want to utilize  the services of a seasoned professional. From the moment the phone rings, our eyes open wide to put a new set of fresh eyes on your asset. Your call triggers our technicians, logistics supervisors A&P mechanics and mobile pilots to go to work. Once hired, through the use of our dynamic equipment locators we travel to the destination (however remote and exclusive) to legally recover the target accompanied by all court-ordered recovery documents furnished to us. Repossession may be accomplished with master keys and propeller locks. Other times it takes fast work and risky takeoffs. All this is combined with the thrill of flying or boating into the wild blue yonder. We work with hired technicians, grease monkey's and flyboys to get this challenging job done. When owners can't pay their bills they also also can't afford the upkeep. This is why our aircraft mechanics needs to certify that the plane or boat is safe to navigate. Having thousands of hours of flying experience under our belts, our people have intimate knowledge of piston and turbine airplanes that can help them determine safe go/no-go decisions in just about any aircraft.    We are experts in the speedy removal of the asset. After the owner's give in and/or the asset is checked out the craft must be quickly taken away. WJS has top-notch pilots licensed and skilled to fly a private jet, a crop duster, or a twin-engine and/or navigate most any small sea vessel. We currently have agreements in place with space across North America which can save the client costly transportation costs depending on the location of the asset. We have in our employ a US Veteran Army Traffic Controller to assist with the deployment. We are in and out in no time, or no commission is earned. Planes are all flown to secure storage facilities. Comprehensive collateral insurance provided and bonds from $1M to $5M. We file all flight plans with applicable FAA and Federal Authorities.
  3. Locked ignitions are no problem. Missing logbooks, no problem. We can further assist you defending wrongful repossession lawsuits. Send us your Repossession Order today for a fast free evaluation.       

Looking to sell your aircraft? We have buyers!

Best Guarantee

And that's not psome rocess-serving puffery. As legal support service leaders in the industry, both domestic & foreign Hague, we strive for justice. After the bang of the gavel, when you must confront serious legal implications, don't go it alone.  We worry more, so that you can worry less. "Committed client representation striving to obtain the most efficient and favorable results for all, regardless of the size of the case." 


1. As learned experts in extreme complex litigation support, ultimately it's experience, ethics, and results that drive the boat. Our talented, seasoned staff members possess the depth of skills and field experience necessary to develop a sound, safe deployed plan of action to solve each challenge as it arises. No task is considered too small or too large to ever handle.

2.  In terms of handling new cases and helping people in different areas. The diversity in our practice is unique for a firm our size, but it's possible because we have a level of expertise in the field that many other firms like ours, and other run-of-the-mill firms just don't have.     

It's a major advantage and the reason we can manage complex, high-value legal support service cases both domestic & abroad with such speed and accuracy. Clients receive large firm experience in a small boutique environment. Find the guidance you need here.

"Attitude is a little thing that makes  a big difference." From the small cases, to when everything-is-on-the-line, we are there to help.


We recognize the need for availability, speed, and error-reduction in the successful performance of your task, and in the zealousness required for the delivery and execution of your important legal papers.


A. The strategically selected location of our mid-Westchester County, NY, and Midtown-East Manhattan, NY office locations ensure that we are likely mere minutes from most any destination service call or local courthouse jurisdiction in Westchester County or New York City.  Our unique personal approach to each and every service call ensures an overall reliable experience for you from wherever we are.

B. We pride ourselves in our strong success rate in locating and serving our targets. Service in Westchester County is generally considered to be generally routine  "knock n mail" service; unless defendant's hide behind corporate walls, or residential defendant's seek to avoid service by being elusive to avoid service.  Oftentimes, the address provided to the Process Server is incorrect. These scenarios, pesky as they are are merely an added inconvenience for the tenacious process server who "always gets his man", as we zealously prevail.  New York City, on the other hand, poses its own unique set of challenges to the Process Server having to face tough security measures and alpha-male door people. Luckily, we are trained to creatively navigate through and bypass these would-be barriers of entry. Note: Perseverance and determination compensate for the absence of natural gifts.


Although we famously say that while choosing a Process Server for something as important as your critical legal matter should not be predicated solely on cost, we actually only "look" expensive while offering the most competitive Westchester County, NY and Greenwich, CT Process Serving preferred rates. Manhattan rates and other deemed "high level" risk tasks, or VIP tasks/serves will garner higher fees. Same-Day or "Super-Rush" Service (often within 1-2-hours!) can generally be accommodated M-F.  NOW, take advantage of our new NO- HAGGLE, BASICALLY NAME-YOUR-OWN-PRICE pricing structure. Trust in the Experts. 

5. Explanation of Our Fees. Variable , not fixed rates.

"NAME YOUR PRICE".  Customarily, considering the amount of actual work that is performed on each task,  our day-to-day legal support service rates have always been considered reasonable and affordable considering the amount of work that goes on "behind the scenes". Each individual legal endeavor, whether it's process-serving or similar, poses its own unique set of inherent risks, time spent and challenges- often being significant. Therefore, understandably our professional fees quoted are variable costs, and cannot always be quoted as fixed rates as some would wish.  When we consider the quoted rates, we do so by determining the overall factors involved, assessed by what we determine to be either the estimated overall time expectancy likely to be incurred,  or  simply  by a one set-fee  determined by the estimated amount of time involved plus the potential inherent assessed risk, and/or by the overall general complexity, and/or difficulty of the matter.  For example: When successfuly serving Mr. George Soros at his lux walled estate in Katonah, NY, it was not as simple as a merely driving up a driveway, knocking on the front door serving him.  When serving The Hilary Clinton Foundation, a certain degree of risk was involved, so a strategic game plan was in place long before the serve ever took place. But, she got served, just like anyone else. !

6. Invoicing. 

We are pleased to invoice all Banks, Insurance Co's, and/or Attorney accounts who previously have an established history of business with our firm. Attorney clients, and others, without prior history of business with our firm may be required to pre-pay for requested services in advance paying by credit card, VENMO, check, or cash payments. Most attorney payments are to be paid upfront via credit card. If billing has been arranged prior to the serve, payment for the advanced services are expected received within 5- 7 business-days following receipt of the invoice, without exception. Process Server is pleased to advance all reasonable costs associated with any subpoena service, including mileage costs and witness fees, if necessary. Expensed fees shall be later reflected on the final invoice submitted to the Attorney to reimburse Process Server. Note: Additional fees, ie: Money-Order/Bank-Check fees, and any excess waiting times incurred at the Bank may also apply.

6b. Further Note

Excessive Copy/*Court Fees. "Added" copy fees apply in instances where clients provide us with an "excessive" volume of documents that must be re-copied by us for serving /filing/mailing purposes. Example being Motion Papers in excess of 20+ pages that will require added time to reproduce. Therefore, additional copy fee rates apply that will be tallied and added to your final bill upon completion of, and/or prior to our service. Added copy fees start at $.35 -.50 cents per-copy to be copied. Note: We reserve the right to determine what is deemed "excessive" vs. what is deemed as reasonable. 

7. The Fine Print

Unless alternate arrangments have been made and provided that all ready-to-go documents have been received by us prior to 12PM (M-F) and barring any unforeseen circumstances, we guaranty to endeavor to make our initial attempt at service of process within the first 24-hrs, if not on the same day, if feasible. On average, our traditional local Westchester County, Manhattan and Connecticut Standard process service tasks are performed, finalized, (48 hrs) and returned to you within a 72-hour average turn-around.  Note: Rush and Same Day service is also available each day, often times performed within 2-Hours of receipt of ready-to-go documents, and proof of good address for the Defendant. Upon completion of the service, whether being successful or unsuccessful, a sworn executed Affidavit of Service witnessed by our Licensed NYS Notary Public shall be drafted, first emailed and then mailed to you via 1-st class mail, unless stipulated otherwise. We supply all Discovery Photographs of "the scene" to all clients at no extra charge.   Same-Day Service is subject to higher-than-average rates.

Did you know? The original Affidavit of Service must be filed and stamped with the Office of The Westchester County Clerk 9th-District Court prior to your court date. Note: We can file the original Affidavit form with the Westchester County Clerk on your behalf.           

Disclaimer: Accidents do happen, despite strong overight & management. Should there ever come a time that you experience a legitimate PROBLEM or a COMPLAINT with the level of care or service that we've provided, we want to know about it immediatel, so that we can rectify it.  Write to us in this instance and tell us what happened. We'll certainly do our best to try to right-the-wrong.

Copyright 2016-2019 Westchester Judicial Services, Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction in whole-and-in-part, without express permission, is unlawful and prohibited. Disclaimer: We are not attorney's. Note: This site is not intended to impart any legal advice. We are Legal Support Service providers only. Contact a licensed attorney for legal advice and assistance.

Veritas Aequitas


Dear Valued Client, "You know the difference between GOOD customer service and BAD customer service. Well, so-do-we" -Chris Marr, President-WJS

•"EXCELLENT SERVICE"•Sir, It is very clear why your company comes so very highly recommended in Westchester County."• •"Thanks, that was money well spent•"Exceptional process server",•"Very impressed with your service ",•"Obvious industry knowledge"• •"Sound advice..."•"You guys are the real -deal".•"Very resourceful.",•, •"Chris-We will definitely use you again".   •"Best in Westchester-for sure!"."•


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"Very good team culture and ethos", "Clients are well served by this firm.",.. "A valuable entity in Westchester County legal support."."Very highly skilled and competent company.", "Certainly a dedicated and insightful hard-working bunch of guys...very savvy". "Your Mobile Notary actually coming to the Hospital for our notarizing was a life-saver for us. Lovely lady!", "Start-to-finish process-serving was handled competently, thanks again".,"We were very happy with the results and pleasantly surprised". "Dear Christopher, We will definitely call you again when in your neck of the woods". "That was very fast and efficient", "Great work!". "Two big thumbs up", "Can't believe you got him so quickly, we have been trying for month's.!" "We were very pleased with your efficiency and fair pricing" 3/1/2017-6/11/2018


"You recently were there for me and assisted me in a complex and emotionally difficult child-custody matter in Yonkers, NY. Not only was I impressed by your attention to every detail, but I was comforted by your compassion and patience with all of my numerous questions. You always took my call! Your exceptional guidance was testament to your experience and obvious concerns for the welfare of my family. Unlike the previous process serving company and my attorney who forced us to basically empty our bank accounts, your prices were certainly very fair considering all the hard work you did. Thank you again. I would recommend you highly."
- J. Reynolds, BRONXVILLE, NY. April 2018.

"You came highly recommended from a friend of mine in Westchester County. I can see why. Thank you again for your kind assistance and help in finding and serving my !%$#&$% ex-husband. I cannot believe that you actually found him when three other process servers and  my lawyer could not." My son Robert also thanks you as his college tuition is finally been paid.! You are true professionals" 

- L. Steinberg, Pro-se- Pound Ridge, NY. 03/16/2018

"Hat's off to you guys for your efforts last week  in pulling those courthouse documents for me. I called you literally at 4PM on a Friday and you were able to get me exactly what I needed in order to make the print deadline. Very impressive! Thanks again.!"

-Staff Writer, New York Post, NY.  8/25/ 2017

"Dear Gentlemen,                                                      

We are writing to you today as we were extraordinarily pleased with the efficiency of your organization and in how quickly our valuable asset was retrieved for us. As you know, the debtor had defaulted in their serious obligations to our bank. Another agency prior to our hiring you had failed. It was a challenging task, and tracking them was very difficult. You worked out a  recovery plan that was quick and efficient and in no time your agents had returned the asset. We will  absolutely call you again when in need."  - 7/6/2016. -F. Yates, National U.S. Bank Representative/Exec. Administrator

"Dear Westchester Judicial Services, Thank-you for your recent donation. Your continued partnership helps CLS support and assist start-up legal aid clinics get resources into the hands of law students, and continue to advocate for religious liberty throughout the country. God bless you as you continue to bless others". D. Nammo, Executive Director & CEO, Christian Legal Society. 


You're in Good Company. WJS understands the importance of actively engaging outside of its office to effectively connect w/ our Professional Membership Groups. Giving is Always in Style:

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Signature of Mobile Notary Public, State of NY

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Round, Round, do we get around! Did you know that our apostille services are Mobile?

YES, our licensed Westchester, NYS Notaries and Fingerprinting services are mobile and will come right to your home, place of business or designated address. Same-Day Service. Mobile Notary Public and Apostille both foreign and domestic.  All loan documents and real estate closings. Licensed, reliable, friendly & professional.  Since 2008. 

Call Our Toll-Free 24 Hour Call Center Today- (844)-921-0807 or (917) 597-0994


Old Fashioned Courtroom Picture

Old Time Courtroom Drama -A White Plains, New York barrister holds an Affidavit-of-Service as prepared by a Westchester Process Server,
as a captivated courtroom looks on.


Choosing your Legal Support Services Team Wisely- Legal Squawk :
The following is a personal transparent note from the President of WJS to all of our old clients and prospective new clients:  

"The American Way" and "Life is Business". Trust is hard to come by these days, and it has also been said that "The right relationship is everything".     Today may be a big day. You may now have commenced an action in a lawsuit that has serious legal implications for you where you now need to have a Summons and Complaint served, or in the case of a Financial Institution having an asset recovered. The court may have suggested, or mandated that you hire a Professional Private Process Server to effectuate the duty of serving of these legal documents properly, or in the case of a lending institution a borrower may have defaulted on their loan payments of a high valued asset, and you now seek the services of a professional repo agent to recover your asset. You understand that you must now make the sensible choice as to which company is best suited to handle this task for you. In the pursuit of civil justice, there are only two ways-the right way, and wrong way. Choosing the right Process Serving Company or choosing the right Special Recovery Agent to recover the asset nationwide is an important decision that may require some element of risk and due-diligence on your part.

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You now search the web.

You may now have found that in doing your research, there are a number of different companies out there on the web that appear to offer similar-sounding services. All promise and promote "trust" and "integrity". Whom do you choose? The answer is not simple. As our rapidly changing world continues to evolve it's hard to imagine what the future holds. It's complicated. But getting there doesn't have to be. There are few corporate entities that exist today that will realistically be able to keep up with the complex personal and professional demands that are required in order to earning your trust and business, competently servicing your particular need.
It's a tall order, but we are one company that fits that bill. And so, to that end we have provided this public informational Westchester Judicial Services Official Website to serve as both an educational and informational tool. Our website offers free public information to assist in the promoting of official business between the public and our firm, and look to you to make that informed decision to contact us for help. Within this site there contains much pertinent legal information regarding many of the general state laws, rules and regulations of Process Serving in Westchester County, NYS and Nationwide Legal Support Services. We have included key information about the significant roles that process servers play within our U.S. Justice System and detailed information about how our recovery agents go about quickly and safely recovering your precious assets. There contains specific Westchester, New York, and Connecticut State County Court and Clerk information that we hope will be useful to the reader. And finally, there is various important background facts and information about our company #1 Pro-Serve-Westchester Judicial Services Process Serving and the very reason that we have maintained some of the highest approval ratings in the industry. If you enjoy reading, you also may wish to familiarize yourself with our informative "Anticipated-Questions" section which should also address a good number of general Westchester Process Serving Questions and Answers.

We later invite you to contact us in any form, at any time for a confidential, friendly and free unbiased evaluation of your case. Should you require a meeting, we have the ability to come to you. Our air transportation is on standby for such a time. 

Alternatively, in certain cases the manner of serving process or method in how an asset is recovered may not necessarily be a new topic. If this is the case and/or if in the case of your being an Attorney or Financial Institution, you may wish to skip ahead and directly email or fax us your confidential service documents or repossess order to:     

Upon receipt we shall zealously begin to work on your case. Our #1 Westchester Judicial Process Serving offices are centrally located within Westchester County, and serving within Westchester County- we daily serve true and local Westchester Process Service within our County to our community residents. And our other nationwide services are just that. 
In everything we do and everything we say, our goal is to maintain a strict standard of excellence consistent with that purpose. Feel absolute confidence and assurance in knowing that our #1 top priority is to competently assist you through this time of immediate challenge. We look forward to making your acquaintance. Let's go!
Sincerely yours,
Chris Marr
CEO & President
Westchester Judicial Services, Ltd./Westchester Juris Process, Inc.
An Authorized Process Serving and Advanced Legal Support Services Company                                                                                                                     
Established in Westchester County in 2009 by true Westchester County residents who shop and buy local.

Every single word on this website U.S. Copyrighted and Trademarked by Serve-Pro of Westchester Under Penalty of Law-2014-2015

Court House

The History and Importance of the Westchester Judicial Service of Process and Surrounding States

Upholding the rights of the citizens is the utmost responsibility of the Nation's Judicial System. In the United States, the Constitution also protects persons sued for civil, criminal or moral misdemeanor. Before any legislative action can be taken upon a person or corporation, the accused has the right to be informed of being summoned. Otherwise, the legal proceedings can be declared invalid in a court of law. The legal guidelines for serving summons were specified for the first time in the Fifth and Sixth Amendments to the Constitution in 1791.

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The concept of a summons is actually an ancient one followed by Kings and Monarchs. When served with summons, the recipient had to literally come to the Royal Court and respond to the demands or accusations stated in the summons.  In some cases, the failure to act on the summons and appear could mean a penalty of death for the recipient!  When democratic governments were originally formed, the process of serving summons was not legalized or even regulated in many countries.  As a result, many people never actually knew about legal proceedings against them until their properties were seized by magistrates and sheriffs, or they were imprisoned without warning.!  As a result, the mass public outcry over such vast unconstitutional proceedings led to the realization of the need for proper legal summons inaction. It was in 1791 that Congress finally passed the 1791 Amendments Act,  that the Federal and State Law Enforcement had to follow due-process-of-law before any action was to be taken against an individual or company. The amendment ensured that no U.S. Citizen is deprived of life, liberty or property without due-process-of-law. In the 14th Amendment in 1868, these procedural safeguards were extended to all U.S. Citizens, born or naturalized.   

Since then, all legal proceedings in the U.S. at least have been initiated with the process of serving a summons.

Initially, legal papers in and around Westchester, NY were typically served by the local sheriff or constable. As the cities and towns grew, it became far too challenging as well being incredibly time-consuming for local sheriff's to handle the workload and also manage their day-to-day duties of law enforcement responsibilities, at the same time serving these legal papers with deadlines or statute. Thereby grew the need for professionally trained, competent and trustworthy individuals; citizens who were non-party to the Westchester legal proceedings, to deliver these important documents in a timely proper manner. And for that reason the Westchester Judicial Process Server was born and the industry spawned. Westchester Judiciary Process Serving grew and later became an integral part of the U.S. legal system delivering papers to the involved parties while following all legal guidelines of Westchester County and surrounding states.

Today a modern-day Westchester Judicial Process Server is very busy in addition to serving process in Westchester and Connecticut and handling a full range of added legal support tasks such as filing court documents, serving legal documents, retrieving documents, preparing affidavits of service, notarizing important court documents, locating difficult to find people, pursuing judgments, and the like. The Westchester Process Server of today has been described as an "impartial third party who is both a participant in and a witness to a critical event in the litigation process", still called "Service of Process." The Westchester Judicial Process Server today, as in earlier days- and much in the same fashion, delivers the legal process to a particular person or entity in a manner consistent with applicable statutes, court rules, or orders. The Westchester Judicial Process Server later attests to that occurrence in a sworn and notarized affidavit; a declaration of truth under penalty of perjury. Professional Process Servers like Westchester Judicial Services, Ltd. in Westchester, NY offers the most reliable and trustworthy way to upholding the Constitutional rights of the Citizens of the United States by providing them with the Service of Process.

The Traditional Affidavit of Service

Once the service is performed, the process server's return of the Affidavit of Service is verification and proof that the service was performed in accordance with State Law.  It is signed and sworn to by the Westchester Judicial Process Server who performed the service and witnessed by a Licensed Notary Public.

Traditional Legal Documents That We Serve Today in-and-around Westchester County

The Following is a partial list of legal documents that we daily serve in Westchester County, NY : Cease and Desist Orders, Child Custudy Summons & Petition, Child Support Summons and Petition,  Civil Court Actions, Court Orders, Child Visitation Summons, Citations, Demands for Payment, Divorce Final Resolution, All Family Court Actions and Orders, Eviction Summons, Five-Day Notices, 3-Day Notices, 72-Hour Notice, Foreclosure Summons, Garnishments and Levies, Hold Over Petition and Notice, Judgment,  Lis Pendens, Modification Orders, Notice of Motion, Order of Protection, Order-to-Show Cause, Out of State Legal Action, Military Subpoena, Petition, Request For Judicial Intervention Orders, (RJI), Subpoena Duces Tecum and Subpoena Ad Testificandum, Summons and Complaint, Superior and Supreme Court Notices, Verified Complaints, Writs of Habeus Corpus.

*Although we cannot positively guarantee the first service attempt within the first 24 hours, Westchester Judicial Services, Ltd. will make every human effort in which to do so. Although we cannot take possession of every asset in 72 hours, we will make every single effort to do so.
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Bedford, Westchester, NY-Cortlandt,Westchester, NY- Eastchester, Westchester, NY-Greenburgh, Westchester, NY- Harrison, Westchester, NY-Lewisboro Westchester, NY-, Mamaroneck,Westchester, NY- Mount Kisco, Westchester, NY-Mount Pleasant, Weschester, NY- New Castle, Westchester, NY-North Castle, Westchester, NY - Salem, Westchester, NY-Ossining,Westchester, NY- Pelham, Westchester, NY-Pound Ridge, Westchester, NY- Rye,-Westchester, NY- Scarsdale, Westchester, NY- Somers, Westchester, NY & Yorktown, Westchester, NY
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Ardsley, Westchester-NY-Briarcliff Manor,Westchester, NY- Bronxville, Westchester, NY-Buchanan, Westchester, NY-Croton-on-Hudson, Westchester, NY-Dobbs Ferry,Westchester,NY - Elmsford, Westchester, NY-Harrison, Westchester, NY-Hastings-on-Hudson, Westchester,NY-Irvington, Westchester,- NY-Larchmont, Westchester, NY- Mamaroneck,Westchester, NY- Mount Kisco, Westchester, NY-Chappaqua, Westchester, NY-Ossining,Westchester, NY- Pelham, Westchester, NY-Pelham Manor,Westchester, NY- Pleasantville,Westchester, NY- Port Chester,Westchester, NY- Rye Brook,Westchester, NY- Scarsdale, Westchester, NY-Sleepy Hollow,Westchester, NY- Tarrytown, Weschester, NY, &Tuckahoe, Westchester County, NY

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Timing. Return day of process.

All process shall be made returnable not later than two months after the date of the process and shall designate the place where court is to be held. (1949 Rev., S. 7768; 1949, S. 3146d; 1967, P.A. 742, S. 1; 1969, P.A. 293, S. 1; P.A. 74-183, S. 80, 291; P.A. 76-436, S. 124, 681; P.A. 82-160, S. 9.) History: 1967 act added alternative of process being returnable on twelfth day following day of service and extended mandatory return date from “next but one” return day to “next but two” in first sentence, extended requirement place where court is to be held be designated where court is in New Haven county to all counties, and deleted provision that time within which pleadings be filed commence to run from first Tuesday of September following return day; 1969 act amended provisions re return of process to allow return in civil actions on any Tuesday rather than on twelfth day following day of service or on first Tuesday in any month and to require return not later than two months after date of process rather than on next return day or “next but two” and to delete provision which prohibited abatement of process in civil action because the term of the court was not stated in the process; P.A. 74-183 made special separate provision for return day in summary process actions, effective December 31, 1974; P.A. 76-436 removed court of common pleas from purview of section reflecting transfer of all trial jurisdiction to superior court, effective July 1, 1978; P.A. 82-160 rephrased section and inserted Subsec. indicators. Appeal from probate is an “action” under this section. 63 C. 413; 76 C. 285. The right to begin a civil action at any time, which has always existed in this state, is not to be destroyed by statutory implication. 73 C. 229. Cited. Id., 562. Return day cannot be changed before service without reissuing writ. 74 C. 38. Meaning of phrase “to which it can be made returnable” as applied to appeal. 83 C. 677. Correction of mistake as to return day of probate appeal before service. 91 C. 110. Not applicable to motion to supreme court for order requiring trial court to make finding. 95 C. 691. Cited. 122 C. 153; 134 C. 605; 154 C. 416. Cited. 165 C. 435, 438. Cited. 165 C. 435, 440. Cited. 178 C. 472, 477. Cited. 227 C. 848, 851, 853. Cited. 229 C. 618, 620. Cited. 232 C. 392, 399. Cited. 233 C. 352, 354. Cited. 4 CA 209, 214. Cited. 27 CA 590, 594. Cited. 31 CA 793, 795; judgment reversed, see 229 C. 618 et seq. Cited. 32 CA 335, 339. Cited. 33 CA 6, 8. Remedy for failure to return secondary process. 15 CS 307. Appeal from probate is a civil action within meaning of this section. 18 CS 480. Amendment allowed where writ for personal injuries served within one year of injury inadvertently designated a return day less than twelve days from date of service. 20 CS 160. To allow motion to amend return day of writ to an earlier date would nullify sections 52-46 and 52-47. 28 CS 489, 492, 493. Cited. 29 CS 519. Subsec. (a): Cited. 40 CS 243. Subsec. (b): Cited. 207 C. 547, 548, 554, 555. Cited. 236 C. 330, 339, 340. Cited. 36 CA 635, 640; judgment reversed, see 236 C. 330 et seq.

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 The Following map represents every town, hamlet, and village in Westchester County together with their respective zip codes that we serve legal process:     Map of Westchester County 


10501 Amawalk Westchester County New York (NY)
10502 Ardsley Westchester County New York (NY)
10503 Ardsley Hdsn Westchester County New York (NY)
10503 Ardsley on Hudson Westchester County New York (NY)
10504 Armonk Westchester County New York (NY)
10505 Baldwin Place Westchester County New York (NY)
10506 Banksville Westchester County New York (NY)
10506 Bedford Westchester County New York (NY)
10549 Bedford Corners Westchester County New York (NY)
10507 Bedford Hills Westchester County New York (NY)
10506 Bedford Village Westchester County New York (NY)
10510 Briarcliff Westchester County New York (NY)
10510 Briarcliff Manor Westchester County New York (NY)
10510 Briarcliff Mnr Westchester County New York (NY)
10708 Bronxville Westchester County New York (NY)
10511 Buchanan Westchester County New York (NY)
10710 Centuck Westchester County New York (NY)
10514 Chappaqua Westchester County New York (NY)
10502 Chauncey Westchester County New York (NY)
10567 Cortlandt Manor Westchester County New York (NY)
10567 Cortlandt Mnr Westchester County New York (NY)
10517 Crompond Westchester County New York (NY)
10518 Cross River Westchester County New York (NY)
10519 Croton Falls Westchester County New York (NY)
10520 Croton Hdsn Westchester County New York (NY)
10521 Croton Hdsn Westchester County New York (NY)
10520 Croton Hudson Westchester County New York (NY)
10520 Croton on Hudson Westchester County New York (NY)
10521 Croton on Hudson Westchester County New York (NY)
10562 Crotonville Westchester County New York (NY)
10521 Crugers Westchester County New York (NY)
10522 Dobbs Ferry Westchester County New York (NY)
10533 East Irvington Westchester County New York (NY)
10595 East View Westchester County New York (NY)
10604 East White Plns Westchester County New York (NY)
10707 Eastchester Westchester County New York (NY)
10709 Eastchester Westchester County New York (NY)
10583 Edgemont Westchester County New York (NY)
10523 Elmsford Westchester County New York (NY)
10552 Fleetwood Westchester County New York (NY)
10605 Gedney Westchester County New York (NY)
10526 Goldens Brg Westchester County New York (NY)
10526 Goldens Bridge Westchester County New York (NY)
10527 Granite Springs Westchester County New York (NY)
10607 Greenburgh Westchester County New York (NY)
10528 Harrison Westchester County New York (NY)
10530 Hartsdale Westchester County New York (NY)
10706 Hastings Hdsn Westchester County New York (NY)
10706 Hastings Hudson Westchester County New York (NY)
10706 Hastings on Hudson Westchester County New York (NY)
10532 Hawthorne Westchester County New York (NY)
10583 Heathcote Westchester County New York (NY)
10533 Irvington Westchester County New York (NY)
10533 Irvington on Hudson Westchester County New York (NY)
10535 Jefferson Valley Westchester County New York (NY)
10536 Katonah Westchester County New York (NY)
10562 Kitchawan Westchester County New York (NY)
10536 Lake Katonah Westchester County New York (NY)
10590 Lake Kitchawan Westchester County New York (NY)
10547 Lake Mohegan Westchester County New York (NY)
10538 Larchmont Westchester County New York (NY)
10590 Lewisboro Westchester County New York (NY)
10540 Lincolndale Westchester County New York (NY)
10543 Mamaroneck Westchester County New York (NY)
10545 Maryknoll Westchester County New York (NY)
10546 Millwood Westchester County New York (NY)
10547 Mohegan Lake Westchester County New York (NY)
10548 Montrose Westchester County New York (NY)
10549 Mount Kisco Westchester County New York (NY)
10550 Mount Vernon Westchester County New York (NY)
10551 Mount Vernon Westchester County New York (NY)

10552 Mount Vernon Westchester County New York (NY)
10553 Mount Vernon Westchester County New York (NY)
10801 New Rochelle Westchester County New York (NY)
10802 New Rochelle Westchester County New York (NY)
10803 New Rochelle Westchester County New York (NY)
10804 New Rochelle Westchester County New York (NY)
10805 New Rochelle Westchester County New York (NY)
10504 North Castle Westchester County New York (NY)
10560 North Salem Westchester County New York (NY)
10591 North Tarrytown Westchester County New York (NY)
10603 North White Plns Westchester County New York (NY)
10562 Ossining Westchester County New York (NY)
10566 Peekskill Westchester County New York (NY)
10803 Pelham Westchester County New York (NY)
10803 Pelham Manor Westchester County New York (NY)
10591 Philipse Manor Westchester County New York (NY)
10570 Pleasantville Westchester County New York (NY)
10571 Pleasantville Westchester County New York (NY)
10572 Pleasantville Westchester County New York (NY)
10591 Pocantico Hills Westchester County New York (NY)
10573 Port Chester Westchester County New York (NY)
10573 Portchester Westchester County New York (NY)
10576 Pound Ridge Westchester County New York (NY)
10577 Purchase Westchester County New York (NY)
10578 Purdy Station Westchester County New York (NY)
10578 Purdys Westchester County New York (NY)
10571 Readers Digest Westchester County New York (NY)
10572 Readers Digest Westchester County New York (NY)
10580 Rye Westchester County New York (NY)
10573 Rye Brook Westchester County New York (NY)
10510 Scarborough Westchester County New York (NY)
10583 Scarsdale Westchester County New York
10583 Scarsdale Park Westchester County New York (NY)
10576 Scotts Corners Westchester County New York (NY)
10587 Shenorock Westchester County New York (NY)
10588 Shrub Oak Westchester County New York (NY)
10591 Sleepy Hollow Westchester County New York (NY)
10591 Sleepy Hollow Manor Westchester County New York (NY)
10589 Somers Westchester County New York (NY)
10589 Somers Town Westchester County New York (NY)
10590 South Salem Westchester County New York (NY)
10591 Tarrytown Westchester County New York (NY)
10594 Thornwood Westchester County New York (NY)
10707 Tuckahoe Westchester County New York (NY)
10595 Valhalla Westchester County New York (NY)
10596 Verplanck Westchester County New York (NY)
10597 Waccabuc Westchester County New York (NY)
10604 West Harrison Westchester County New York (NY)
10604 Westchester County Airport Westchester County New York (NY)
10601 White Plns Westchester County New York (NY)
10602 White Plns Westchester County New York (NY)
10603 White Plns Westchester County New York (NY)
10604 White Plns Westchester County New York (NY)
10605 White Plns Westchester County New York (NY)
10606 White Plns Westchester County New York (NY)
10607 White Plns Westchester County New York (NY)
10610 White Plns Westchester County New York (NY)
10804 Wykagyl Westchester County New York (NY)
10701 Yonkers Westchester County New York (NY)
10702 Yonkers Westchester County New York (NY)
10703 Yonkers Westchester County New York (NY)
10704 Yonkers Westchester County New York (NY)
10705 Yonkers Westchester County New York (NY)
10706 Yonkers Westchester County New York (NY)
10707 Yonkers Westchester County New York (NY)
10708 Yonkers Westchester County New York (NY)
10709 Yonkers Westchester County New York (NY)
10710 Yonkers Westchester County New York (NY)
10598 Yorktown Westchester County New York (NY)
10598 Yorktown Heights Westchester County New York (NY)
10598 Yorktown Heights Westchester County New York (NY)

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